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Net Wish .org is not a traditional non-profit organization!

11 Years ago Net Wish was born. Net Wish is the brain child of successful
businessman who has set aside a moderate amount of money per Month to help those
less fortunate..... simple as that.

The donor wishes to remain absolutely anonymous and
receives no tax deduction for the donations - This is real charity.

Net Wish removes the red tape of traditional non-profit organizations and uses the power of the Internet to provide direct and immediate assistance to families and individuals who desperately require a modest helping hand.

Our specific focus is how the aid will benefit children, older adults and other vulnerable members of our community.

Request for wishes are reviewed and applicants who have a request accepted may be contacted directly.

Again, the donor wishes to remain anonymous and all applicant information and requests will remain strictly private.

Remember, the more specific the request the better chance of a helping hand.

We rely on the honesty of the applicants and fraudulent applications will take help away from people who honestly need it. is where need and action meet

Thank You

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11 Years Of NetWish!